I’m Manfredi Pomar, the founder, and main contributor to this site.

With a background in business consulting, I have worked across different industries but focused mainly on Life Sciences for the past 10 years.

  • During my career in business consulting, I have participated in many projects playing different roles.
  • The projects that have given me the most satisfaction are ones where I was responsible for ensuring successful project delivery.
  • I have especially enjoyed bridging the gap between business stakeholders and development teams.
  • My technical domain knowledge is mainly around cloud computing, ranging from Salesforce to Veeva to AWS.

Outside of work, apart from running this site, I am a proud father who loves spending most of his time with family.


Delivery Management is first and foremost a blog focused on project management & tech.

Our blog posts dive into various aspects of successful project delivery, product development, technical implementations, and more.

But Delivery Management is more than just a blog. We also have an email list that provides exclusive content and important updates about the site.

In addition, our roadmap includes plans to develop practical tools that professionals can utilize in their daily work, and we also intend to create online courses for those looking to further build their skills and advance their careers.


With Delivery Management, I aim to share valuable insights and expertise in project management & tech. My goal is to provide professionals with practical guidance and actionable advice to help them in the successfull delivery of their projects / products.

I want the content on Delivery Management to be useful for a wide audience.

Whether you are a project manager, product owner, developer, tester, or any other role, my aim is to empower professionals from diverse backgrounds, regardless of their role or technical expertise.

For this reason, I am committed to regularly creating new content that is accessible to all professionals involved in the project delivery.

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  1. Where are you located?
    I am originally from Italy, but based in Germany, employed by a prominent consulting firm.
  2. Can I contact you for personalized guidance or consulting services?
    While my primary focus is currently on IT projects within the pharmaceutical industry, as it has been my main area for quite some time, I am open to exploring collaboration opportunities.
  3. Do you participate in events as a speaker?
    Absolutely! If you’re interested in having me speak at your event, please reach out through the contact form, on LinkedIn, or Twitter. Let’s make your event a success together!
  4. Do you speak on behalf of your employer?
    The views and opinions expressed on this site or in events in which I participate are my own personal perspectives and do NOT represent the official views or opinions of my employer.
  5. Can I request specific topics to be covered on your website?
    Certainly! Your input is valuable to me, and I strive to create content that meets your needs. If you have any specific topics or areas of interest, please reach out to me through the contact form, and I will do my best to address them.
  6. Are you open to collaborations or guest contributions?
    Yes, I welcome collaborations and guest contributions from industry professionals. If you have valuable insights or a unique perspective to share, please contact me to explore collaboration opportunities.
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